Becoming a Police Officer

Police Officer Process



Thank you for your career interest with the Pomona Police family. We hope the information provided below will assist in a better understanding of the details involved in becoming a Police Officer with the City of Pomona. Along with Police Officer Recruit, we periodically accept applications for Lateral Police Officer and Reserve Police Officer positions.PomonaFoxTheatre

 Peace Officer Selection Requirement

The California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) sets minimum selection standards for California peace officers employed by POST-participating agencies. These minimum requirements are pursuant to Government Code (GC) Sections 1029, 1030, and 1031 and Commission Regulations 9050-9055. Agencies may choose additional assessments (e.g., physical ability and detection of deception/polygraph examinations) and/or higher standards.

The City of Pomona is a POST-participating agency, thus complies with the minimum selection and training standards. In addition, our requirements for Police Officer Recruit/Trainee and Reserve Police Officer include a physical agility examination.


Selection Standard
Minimum Requirement
Citizenship US citizen or permanent resident who is eligible and has applied for citizenship GC§1031(a)
Education Graduation from an accredited or approved US high school or equivalent GC§1031(e)
Reading and Writing Ability Assessment Assessment of reading and writing ability Pomona uses the POST Entry-Level Law Enforcement Test Battery Commission Regulation 9051
Oral Interview Assessment of oral communication skills and other factors Commission Regulation 9052
Background Investigation Thorough background based on applicant’s personal history statement/questionnaire Ensures the applicant is of good moral character GC§1031(d)
No Felony Convictions; Fingerprint and Criminal History Check Fingerprints sent to the California Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Check is to reveal any criminal records. Felony convictions and some specific misdemeanors will disqualify a candidate. GC §§1029, 1030 and 1031(c); PC§12021(c):
18 USC 922(d)(9)
Medical and Psychological Evaluations Evaluations conducted by licensed physicians and/or psychologists employed by the hiring department Ensures applicant is free from any physical, emotional, or mental condition that might adversely affect the exercise of the powers of a peace officer GC§1031(f)


Examination Process for the City of Pomona

The Human Resource Department conducts periodic testing for Police Officer Recruit/Trainee, Reserve Police Officer, and Lateral Police Officer. Candidates must pass each phase of the examination process in order to be placed on an Eligibility List. The examination process consists of:


Police Officer Recruit/ Trainee and Reserve Police Officer:

  • Review of Application and Supplemental Questionnaire
  • Physical Agility Examination
  • Written Examination
  • Oral Interview

♦  The physical agility and written examinations are scored as pass/fail, while the oral interview has an overall percentage score that will reflect as your final score.


Lateral Police Officer:

  • Review of Application and Supplemental Questionnaire
  • Oral Interview


Testing Process Information


Step 1: The Physical Agility Examination

The Requirements for the physical agility course are established by the California Commission for Police Officer Standards and Training (POST). To arrange to take a practice test or to speak to an officer assigned to Pomona’s Training Bureau/Recruiting, contact for any questions at 909-620-3616. Prior to the exam, it would be beneficial to warm-up and stretch to prevent any injuries. It is suggested the applicant wear comfortable athletic clothing such as sweat pants with a T-shirt or sweatshirt and athletic and/or tennis shoes.


The current Police Officer Recruit PFT Physical Fitness Test consists of the following:

  1. 6-foot Chain link fence climb + 25 yd run
  2. 6-foot Solid wall climb + 25 yd run
  3. 165lb. dummy drag- 32 feet
  4. 500 yard run
  5. 99 yard obstacle course


All events are a pass/fail score.


Step 2: The Written Examination

Following the physical agility, candidates will take the California Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) Entry Level Law Enforcement examination. The examination will test skills that are needed for both successful completion of academy training and successful performance on the job as a Pomona Police Officer.

The written examination focuses exclusively on language ability. The test battery is comprised of two components: one evaluates writing ability and the other reading ability. The writing component of the test measures clarity, vocabulary, and spelling, and the reading component measures reading comprehension.

POST developed a test preparation guide to help you prepare for the exam. The guide includes a short sample practice test, which can be viewed by clicking the link provided below.


Step 3: The Oral Interview

The oral interview is an interview with two to three individuals that make up an Oral Interview Board. They ask each applicant a series of questions and then complete an evaluation form based on the interview.


Preparing for the Interview: 

  • Research the position and know what the job entails
  • Dress in business attire for the interview
  • Research the City of Pomona, current/ past milestones and events
  • Be familiar with the City Mayor and City Manager


General Information:

  1. Candidates that obtain a passing score on the physical agility, written examination, and oral interview will be placed on an Eligibility list. An Eligibility list is valid for up to one (1) year.
  2. The Human Resources Department will notify all candidates by e-mail if placed on the Eligibility list.
  3. The Police Chief or designee will conduct an interview with selected candidates who place on the Eligibility list. Placement on the Eligibility list does not guarantee an interview.
  4. Applicants deemed as most qualified may be selected by the Police Chief or designee to proceed to a background investigation.
  5. The background investigation consists of an evaluation of the candidate’s education, employment history, references, financial records, legal, civil criminal history, and driving record.
  6. Once the background investigation is completed, the Police Chief will submit a selection recommendation to the Human Resources/Risk Management Director.
  7. The Human Resources Department will contact the selected candidates to make a conditional offer of employment.
  8. The conditional offer of employment is contingent upon the candidate passing the psychological and medical examinations.
  9. Once the candidate has passed both examinations, the Human Resource Department will coordinate an employment hire date.
  10. Police Officer Recruit candidates will attend a POST approved Police Academy. Upon successful completion of a twenty (20) week academy training program, the Police Officer Recruit will be sworn as a Police Officer and begin a probationary period. During the probationary period, the Officer will participate in the Department’s 22 week training program.
  11. Upon hire, Lateral Police Officer candidates will be assigned to the Department’s 22 week training program.
  12. All Police Officers serve a 12-month probationary period. Upon successful completion of the probationary period, the Officers will obtain regular status.
  13. Police Officers may be eligible for a merit increase after six (6) months (from sworn date) of employment.